What are Artificial Intelligence and the advantages of this latest technology?


SEP 18, 2019 AT 10:27 AM

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that enables us to create an intelligent machine that works and react similarly to humans. It has become a vital part of the technological industries and the research works that include artificial intelligence of highly specialized with technical features. Some of the traits that the computers embedded with artificial intelligence include planning, learning, problem-solving skills and also speech recognisation. The artificial intelligence would address a few core problems that are included in programming computers such as reasoning, knowledge, earning, planning, perception, problem-solving, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc., 


Handling Complex Programs


You can state artificial intelligence as the complicated unit based on its behaviour since it holds the complex mixture of various fields such as computer science, mathematics and other complicated methods of science and technological field. Complex programming of artificial intelligence makes the machine to undergo critical operations in a simple way whose work is similar to that of the work done by the human beings with the better outcome as well as better performance. Most of the time the work done by artificial intelligence is flawless with outstanding results and when compare to the human beings.


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence


There are various advantages of artificial intelligence that one should explore to understand more about it.


●       Machines do not need breaks and refreshments as human beings.

●       That could be programmed to run for long hours and can work continuously without becoming bored or distracted or tired.

●       The same kind of results can be expected irrespective of timings, season, etc.,

●       It designs the systems of automation by using learning and perception such as Siri for iOS devices and Cortana for Windows devices.

●       The GPS is also artificial intelligence which is preferred by everyone for long drives and trips.

●       Artificial intelligence gives suggestions to correct human errors in spelling while typing.

●       The artificial intelligence algorithm recognizes and distinguishes the person's face and tags of the individuals while you socialize.

●        Artificial Intelligence is widely used by the financial organizations and banking sectors to organize and manipulate data.

●       The best advantage of artificial intelligence is the detection of fraud in smart card-based system transactions.

●       Highly advanced firms have started to implement machines by replacing humans for interacting with their clients by 'avatars'.

●       It is the digital assistants or replicas that would assist to decrease the demand for human resources.

●       For Artificial intelligence machines, emotions could be recognized in the process of rational thinking.

●       Robots could not recognize the sentimental factor of the user.

●       It programmed simply to think logically and choose the right programming decisions based on the experience accustomed to the machine.

●       Emotions could not be recognized by the machines which might be disappointing the customer. In that state, we require human interference.

●       This particular lagging attempts to command out for machine intelligence which also helps in other features.

●       Repeated jobs could be tedious and Artificial intelligence algorithms could easily handle those kinds of jobs.